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The wiki uses MediaWiki software, the same software used by Wikipedia. The wiki is open for reading, but if you wish to contribute, you will need to create a login. In that case, please see the Contributor's guide.

Every ordinary page in the wiki is a member of at least one category. Each category has a page with an explanation of the category and an alphabetical listing of all the pages in that category.

Some of the information in the wiki is summarized in Tables, using a MediaWiki extension called Cargo.

The wiki affords a wide variety of methods to find what is in it. These methods fall approximately into two categories: browsing and searching (querying). The sidebar menu on the left provides links for browsing, searching, and contributing new content.

  • Ways of Browsing
    • List all pages. Here you will be asked to specify a "Namespace." All content pages are in the "Main" Namespace, so choose that one. As the wiki grows, this will not be a very useful way to explore the contents.
    • Display all the categories and then select one. Read the explanation and follow the links within it.
    • Display all the table titles and then choose one to View. You will see a listing line by line of data on each page in the category associated with the table. For example, the table Concerts lists data from all pages in the category Concert. Each line contains links to pages associated with that line.
    • Timeline. For selectable categories, view page titles situated on a timeline according to the associated date or starting date of the page. This will be a very useful way to look at the activities of particular periods of Aitken's life.
  • Ways of Searching
    • Search both in the page titles and the page contents
    • Drill down in the tables
    • Conduct a specialized query